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Manage Your Processes, Not Your Stacks of Paper

Over the course of a single business day, there are so many things that an employee needs to do - he or she should not have to waste time searching through piles of files looking for a specific item. Thankfully, PaperSave is there to help you sort through the mess by eliminating the paper altogether and collecting everything onto a single electronic platform. It's time to move away from the filing cabinet system and use a system that's simple and efficient, such as document management from PaperSave.


PaperSave is designed to deliver the following benefits:

  • Eliminate the delays and costs of transporting documents between locations
  • Reduce manual data entry and filing
  • Streamline processes allowing review and approvals across locations
  • Reduce lost or misplaced documents reducing the vendor inquiries
  • Increases visibility to expenses ‘in process’ and liabilities

Streamline Capture and Storage

Capture documents into processes or directly to record through PaperSave’s 12 intuitive capture methods. Once captured, visibility is increased, data is extracted and document is routed to reviewers.

Streamline Approvals

Users are empowered while they are on-the-go with PaperSave’s Mobile App. Right from their phone, they can take quick action on approval requests for expenses and even submit documents using their camera.

Simplify Audits

With all documents stored consistently across your operations, supporting information can be pulled with a click from any record or by query results. Export information to Excel and send to your auditor.

Any Document for Any Process

PaperSave offers 12 different ways to capture documents so don’t just focus on your AP process. Use PaperSave to streamline document capture across your operations. Learn more about the flexible options to capturing document here.

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