Electronic workflow automates and
streamlines business processes for
faster approvals.

PaperSave’s Electronic Workflow Solution

Automate workflows and streamlines operations by reducing the need to manage traditional paper-based processes. This ensures that all mission-critical information, documents and transactional data are automatically collected and stored.



Track the history of all document approvals, dividing the results by the user who approved and the date of approval. Comments are also tracked and visible.


Capturing General Ledger Distribution

Managers can designate General Ledger account numbers and other key information required to process the transaction. With instant access to the Chart of Accounts for GL distribution and validation, businesses can reduce wasted time and ensure that all relevant information is collected.



Use PaperSave to create reports that provide insight into corporate processes, allowing managers to monitor specific users, tasks or cybersecurity protocols.


Task delegation

PaperSave allows employees to share documents and lets coworkers take the reins on next steps.

Key Benefits

Maintain Consistent Processes

With automated document collection software, every employee must stick to standard practices, ensuring that no mission-critical steps are missed.

Reduce Procurement-to-Pay Cycle

Enables companies to process transactions and data more quickly, guaranteeing a quicker ROI on everyday practices.

Improve Visibility

Gain complete insight into invoice processing, helping managers guarantee that no steps are missed.

Effectively Manage Multi-Tiered Processes

PaperSave’s Electronic Workflow Solution ensures that management can worry less about data collection, as automated workflows guarantee that every step of each procedure is always followed accurately.

Audit Processes

Businesses can track the audit history of each and every document that goes through automated processes, ensuring that anyone can be held accountable for his or her actions.

Reduce Backlog

With simple approval processes and notifications, employees will know exactly when their documents have been approved, which guarantees that no time or productivity will be lost in the shuffle.

Lose fewer invoices

Simply put, when PaperSave’s Electronic Workflow Solution automates document collection, no invoices will fall by the wayside.

Maintain Approval Control

Businesses with many offices and worksites can be bogged down by approval processes, causing some employees to circumvent the rules in order to remain productive. But this is not the case with PaperSave, as it ensures that managers have complete visibility of all forms at all times. PaperSave’s Electronic Workflow Solution even has mobile support, so documents can be approved on the go.