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How PaperSave helps you leave the manual work behind



  • Scanner
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Microsoft Office



  • Automatic Document Separation
  • Data Extraction
  • Eliminate Data Entry to Create Transaction



  • Shows Percent Accuracy of Data Captured
  • Database Lookups/Validation of Data



  • Integration with PaperSave’s Workflow and Business Rules
  • Manage Procurement to Pay Process



  • Integration with PaperSave’s Auto-Entry to Create Transactions in your ERP or Blackbaud CRM/RENXT


Happy Employees and More Bottom Line

  • PaperSave was able to decrease Answer Financial’s approval time by 70 percent and recover 15 percent of employee time a week by automating administrative tasks.
  • PaperSave saved MTN Satellite Communications more than $100,000 a year and caused their customer complaint volume over unpaid invoices to plummet.
  • By switching from OnBase to PaperSave, Comfort Research calculates that they’re now saving more than $60,000 a year.


We no longer have piles of paperwork on the desk, waiting to be filed or processed. Everything is attached in Great Plains. We have better workflows and everyone can find the answers they need.


Debbie Janssen,
Accounting, Sure Controls, Inc.

The time it saves is just incredible. It allows us to provide better service to our customers who, in turn, can provide better service to their customers.


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Easy to Use with Web or Mobile App

Our intuitive browser-based experience seamlessly integrates with your ERP. Capture, retrieve, and approve from anywhere with the mobile app.


Deploy in the Cloud or on Prem

  • PaperSaveCloud makes it easy for employees to work away from the office while accessing information securely. Access to the same great features on the on-prem version at a lower cost of ownership.
  • Our on-prem version includes numerous technology features that help you confidently manage information in a highly secure environment while providing users with easy access.

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