Spend Time Focusing on Your Cause, Not on Your Paperwork

Nonprofit organizations are faced with the daily dilemma of changing the world while simultaneously keeping costs and overheads low. And as any staff member will know, nonprofit groups are plagued with paperwork to maintain their nonprofit status, and it can be difficult to keep all those necessary documents handy. That's where PaperSave comes in to help out your organization. With paperless document management, organizations can enjoy the benefits of a paperless office and still have all the important papers in order so that staff and volunteers are able to access them.


PaperSave is designed to deliver the following benefits:

  • Reduce manual data entry and filing
  • Streamline invoice processes
  • Streamline gift process
  • Efficiently manage grant and donor documents
  • Simplify audit preparation

Streamline Document Capture and Filing

Easily capture and store documents directly to related records from Scanner, Email, Microsoft Office or even Print to PaperSave. Classify documents for easy search and retrieval by document classification.

Streamline Invoice Process

PaperSave’s NativeOCR and Workflow streamlines the processes and reduced data entry. Workflows can be built from system defined templates or from scratch to handle the most sophisticated processes.

Streamline Gift Process

Eliminate the wasted time and natural resources photocopying gifts. PaperSave’s unique process allows documents to be captured, automatically separated and filed as entry is being done in RE Batch.

Simplify Audit Preparation

Say goodbye to pulling documents individually. PaperSave is integrated with your host systems Query tool allowing you to pull documents for Monthly Closes, Reimbursable Grants and Audit requests. Create the query and within a few clicks, the documents are available for you. Another client will send the meta-data to Excel with a hyperlink back to the document.

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  • DePaul
  • Baptist Child and Family Services
  • United Way of Miami-Dade County
  • Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County

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