One click access to documents within Dynamics

Benefit from the Powerful Integration Between PaperSave and Microsoft Dynamics

PaperSave Web

Access documents outside of Dynamics directly from a browser.

Sharing with One-Click Access

Make collaboration and document retrieval simpler than ever as employees access and share information from numerous system via a single interface.

Search Features

Dramatically increase the power of search and the speed of access to mission-critical Record/Transaction information.

Smart Lists

Make smarter decisions armed with supporting data, better prepare for audits with help from General Ledger distribution information and pull documents by associated information.

Forms Recapture

Automatically capture and give employees access to documents produced by Dynamics CRM, GP, SL or AX.

Route Documents for Approvals

Route approvals to various employees and systems, ensuring timely approvals so that payment cycles remain efficient.

Manage the Full Document Lifecycle

Manage documents from acquisition to destruction based on your retention rules.

Reclaim Time

Document Management also ensures better customer management, more efficient use of data and simple document sharing.

Reduce Implementation and Training Costs

Mitigate the need to train employees on new technologies by connecting familiar systems.

Eliminate Lost or Misfiled Documents

Prevent any human errors, lost documents or misfilings of information.

Automatically Match Purchase Order and Sale Order Documents

Open any transactions associated with Purchase Orders or Sales Orders, enabling employees to quickly and easily access and view customers’ PO, packaging slips, delivery tickets, AR invoices and more.

PaperSave Gives You Deployment Options Based on Your Organization’s Needs


PaperSave includes a long list of technology features to help you confidently manage information in a highly secure environment while providing users with easy access.


PaperSaveCloud™ promises a new way to address the most notorious challenge of adopting document management and workflow solutions: Price.

PaperSave and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, GP, AX and SL seamlessly integrate to create an environment that ensures all documents are stored and instantly accessible for future business use.



  • Scanner
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Microsoft Office



  • Automatic Document Separation
  • Data Extraction
  • Eliminate Data Entry to Create Transaction



  • Low Confident Character Validation
  • Database Lookups/Validation of Data



  • Integration with PaperSave’s Workflow and Business Rules
  • Manage Procurement to Pay Process



  • Integration with PaperSave’s Auto-Entry to Create Transactions in your ERP or CRM