Together with Blackbaud, we help you
emerge from a mountain of paper.

One click access to documents within Blackbaud

PaperSave’s integration provides one click access to documents related to records within Blackbaud.

See how a foundation transforms using PaperSave

Focus More Time on your Organization’s Mission by Making
Blackbaud Paperless with PaperSave.

Fast, Efficient Setup

Blackbaud seamlessly integrates with PaperSave document management software right out of the box. Quick implemention since there is no programming needed.

Capture Documents

Collect data from scanned documents, fax messages, emails or Microsoft Office modules, and set capture processes to ensure that all data is accounted for from transaction to gifting. Learn more about Document Capture Methods.

Automate Gift Processing

Capture information directly from gift coupons, and other sources during busy seasons without the need for temporary employees or long manual procedures. Learn more about Transaction Automation.

Route Documents Through Review Processes

Automatically send information to the appropriate channels after PaperSave collects documents from various Blackbaud solutions. Share invoices and other data immediately upon receipt. Learn more about Electronic Workflow.

Reduce Need for Physical Document Storage

Make all documents digital and stop storing file cabinets’ worth of data, replacing them with smaller and more cost-effective solutions in the data center.

Lose Fewer Documents

Comprehensive document capture for everything from fax message to scanned file ensures that administrators have all records stored digitally.

One-Click Access

Easily view supporting documents with only a click or two from Financial, Donor and Student records.

Rapidly Retrieve Data

Supports integration with RE: Query, CRM Query, EE Query and Financial Edge Query, find documents and data with minimal effort and little time spared.

Lower Cost of Invoice Entry

Automate invoicing processes and reduce the cost of processing every transaction, as data is sent directly to Financial Edge.

Increase Employee Efficiency

Reclaim the 20 to 30 percent of employees’ days that they spend searching, filing and retrieving documents manually.

PaperSave Gives You Deployment Options Based on Your Organization’s Needs


PaperSave includes a long list of technology features to help you confidently manage information in a highly secure environment while providing users with easy access.


PaperSaveCloud™ promises a new way to address the most notorious challenge of adopting document management and workflow solutions: Price.

PaperSave’s transaction automation reduces keystrokes, reduces costs
and streamlines processes



  • Scanner
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Microsoft Office



  • Automatic Document Separation
  • Data Extraction
  • Eliminate Data Entry to Create Transaction



  • Low Confident Character Validation
  • Database Lookups/Validation of Data



  • Integration with PaperSave’s Workflow and Business Rules
  • Manage Procurement to Pay Process



  • Integration with PaperSave’s Auto-Entry to Create Transactions in your ERP or CRM