Streamline Processes Across Locations

Hotel and restaurant companies are reliant upon seamless, efficient and secure receipt and management on mission-critical documents on a daily basis. When documents have to be manually transported, processes are disjointed and overhead costs are increased.


PaperSave is designed to deliver the following benefits:

  • Eliminate the delay and costs in transporting documents between locations
  • Reduce manual filing
  • Streamline processes, allowing review and approvals across locations
  • Reduce lost or misplaced documents, reducing vendor inquiries
  • Increases visibility to expenses ‘in process’

Automated Filing

Often times, transactions are created from Point of Sales systems and sent to the ERP system automatically. PaperSave offers a streamlined process of automatically filing the documents to the imported AP Payables Transactions. PaperSave’s Native OCR extracts data off of the document like Vendor, Date, Invoice Number, Amount and Auto-Associates to the Payables transaction, eliminating the needs for manual filing or manual association.

Streamline Capture

Capture documents into processes by Scanning or Monitor Email Accounts. Once captured, visibility is increased.

Streamline Approvals and Increased Visibility

Users are empowered while they are on-the-go with PaperSave’s Mobile App. Right from their phone, they can take quick action on approval requests for expenses and even submit documents using their camera. Process Managers have access to supporting documents to address vendor inquiries.

Integration with RosNet

Although RosNet has the ability to store a document to an entry, it isn’t ideal for audit preparation and research since those documents are tied to the ERP transactions. PaperSave has bridged the gap. When a document is attached in RosNet, it will also be associated with the ERP record automatically.

Running a paper-based process?

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