Higher Education

Improve Student Services, Alumni Relations and Financial Management

Higher Education institutions have been forced to do more with less, as skills shortages intensify and the monumental costs of attending colleges and universities only continue to rise further. PaperSave can help to improve student services, alumni relations and financial management through instant access to information and streamlined collaboration.


PaperSave is designed to deliver the following benefits:

    • Reduce manual data entry and filing
    • Streamline approval processes across the campus
    • Streamline gift process
    • Efficiently manage student, financial and donor documents
    • Simplify audit preparation

    Create Web Based Forms to Manage Disbursement Requests

    Streamline your disbursement process across your campus by allowing department heads and others easily populate web based forms, attach backup and submit into the electronic workflow for required review and approvals.

    Streamline Invoice Process

    Users are empowered while they are on-the-go with PaperSave’s Mobile App. Right from their phone, they can take quick action on approval requests for expenses and even submit documents using their camera.

    Streamline Gift Process

    Eliminate the wasted time and natural resources photocopying gifts. PaperSave’s unique process allows documents to be captured, automatically separated and filed as entry is being done in RE Batch. For higher gift volumes, PaperSave automates the process by leveraging the OCR engine to extract data from gift remittances reducing data entry.

    Simplify Audit Preparation

    Say goodbye to pulling documents individually. PaperSave integrated with your host systems Query tool allowing you to pull documents for Monthly Closes and Audit requests. Create the query and within a few clients, the documents are available for you. Another client will send the meta-data to excel with a hyperlink back to the document.

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