Operational efficiency is essential during a time of rising medical costs and more complex regulatory compliance requirements. PaperSave is here to help. We can enable better decision-making while managing cash flow through instant access to information across all your locations.

Healthcare firms are facing tremendous challenges in the form of new technology deployments, heightened security risks, rising costs of patient care and more stringent regulations. These types of trends have separated the winners from the losers in many ways, with the former focusing on the creation and execution of plans that will optimize their operational procedures for ideal efficiency and productivity.

In many situations, the right technologies will act as the vehicle that enables optimal operational efficiency, and PaperSave for Healthcare can have a profoundly positive impact in this regard.

Featured Case Study:
Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA)

At EMSA, invoices were passed around internally by hand, using a courier to transport. When one of the courier vans burned down, EMSA lost hundreds of invoices.  It was clear that a document management system needed to be in place immediately to eliminate the risk of accidental loss.

Case Study:  DePaul 

DePaul’s employees spent hours of time filing and retrieving documents.  Additionally, they wanted to reduce paper waste and open up space being used for document storage.   READ MORE

Case Study:  Baptist Child and Family Services

To modernize operations, BCFS considered it necessary to streamline its processes, become more organized, and stop using paper purchase orders.  They needed an effective document management system to pull it all together.  READ MORE

Benefits Healthcare Providers Can Expect to Enjoy Using PaperSave for Document Management

Reduced Expenses

Eliminate expenses and improve collaboration across your locations by digitizing document management and sharing processes. You can scan across locations and PaperSave will retrieve documents for the AP processors, eliminating transportation expenses as well.

Go Green

By going paperless, you are effectively bolstering your brand image, helping to create more environmental sustainability and stepping into the modern era of document management.

Instant Accessibility

PaperSave delivers a document management system to completely eradicate filing and retrieving procedures that would otherwise take up 20-30 percent of employees’ days. This helps to maximize efficiency and allows medical firms to deal with rising costs.

Reclaim valuable office space

Real estate can be a major expense, and filing cabinets have long taken up valuable office space, but this need not continue on any longer. Rather, PaperSave can help you store 200,000 documents in only 40 GB of space, further lowering your overhead.

Streamline Processes with Electronic Review and Approvals

Electronic management of the review and approval process will boost efficiency and accuracy, while reducing the chances of dealing with lost or misplaced documents. Staff can annotate and define documents to process transactions, reducing data entry.