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Manage Vital Information to Drive Production and Distribution Channels

High-quality customer service is something that every business should strive for, but it isn't always easily achieved. Shuffling through papers to find an invoice or an order form takes time and could potentially damage the relationship with the customer. However, this time-consuming task is no longer necessary. PaperSave gives manufacturers and distributors the tools to address supplier and customer questions by providing instant access to important documents.


PaperSave is designed to deliver the following benefits:

  • Resolve billing and collection issues more quickly
  • Reduce manual filing
  • Streamline processes across your operations
  • Reduce payables processing costs by up to 80%

Instant Access to Information

Eliminate the 20-30% of time it takes to file, search and retrieve documents which trying to resolve billing questions. Documents are a click away from a Dynamics record. Quickly email to customer for quick resolution.

Simplified Document Capture

If you are producing documents from Dynamics, PaperSave offers Forms Recaptures which will automatically file the document back to a respective transaction. PaperSave places a barcode on the document to automate the filing process so that key documents are available when needed without wasting time having to manually file.

Streamline Processes

PaperSave’s workflow engine streamlines vital processes across your operations like Purchase, Sales Order, Onboarding, Vacation/Sick Requests, Contract review and much, much more.

Reduce Processing Costs by up to 80%

PaperSave’s Native OCR drastically reduced data entry and related data entry errors while reducing processing costs.

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