Efficient Flow of Gift Documents Within Raiser’s Edge

PaperSave provides the most efficient flow of gift documents. PaperSave integrates seamlessly Raiser’s Edge allowing documents to be electronically added and retrieved while eliminating time from your process. Reclaim the 20% to 30% of your day spent searching, filing and retrieving documents.

Reduces the cost of processing donations

Automatically captures information off gift coupons/remittances, entering it into the Raiser’s Edge Batch screen. Designed for businesses who need to handle large gift volume but don’t want to hire additional gift processors. Learn more about PaperSave Transaction Automation.

One click access to documents from every Raiser’s Edge record

Captures information from the supporting card or transaction and stores it as metadata with the supporting document in the PaperSave database allowing you to retrieve documents from any Raiser’s Edge record.

Powerful searches by record field using integration with Raiser’s Edge Query

Harnesses the power of the Raiser’s Edge Query by allowing access to supporting documents for any query you create. Retrieve documents by any record field, by any field defined on a record. See PaperSave’s impressive list of Document Search Features.

Automated gift reviews

Images and route gifts based on your business review processes and associated business rules. Reviewers can annotate documents and add information to facilitate collaboration. Learn more about PaperSave’s Electronic Workflow.

Loves documents in any form

PaperSave can capture documents from a scanner, network copier/scanner, fax machine, email or Microsoft Office®. See all of PaperSave’s Document Capture Methods.

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