Virtual spring cleaning tips for businesses

Up north, the freeze is beginning to thaw. Patio furniture is coming out of storage, and decks are getting brushed off.

While it never gets too cold here in Miami, spring cleaning is no less an annual ritual. And these days, that means our virtual as much as our physical spaces are due for a dusting.

Why you need zero-trust security for protecting your business data

Today’s hyper-connected world affords businesses countless opportunities to expand into new markets and improve productivity. But the rapid proliferation of data and digital transformation has also led to an exponential increase in security risks. Digital data is now the most valuable commodity in the world, and protecting it starts with addressing the weakest link: employees.

Why basic imaging systems aren’t enough

Just because you have a scanner to turn paperwork into digital files doesn’t mean your document capture strategy is perfect.

Scanned images can be stored on a hard drive or in the cloud, and they can be shared over email. But if this is the only functionality you’re getting out of your captured images, you’re missing out on the crucial gains in efficiency and productivity that come with pairing a robust document management system (DMS) with advanced document capture.

7 Benefits of using PaperSave for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Documents, whether in digital or printed form, have long played a core role in any business, but given the rapid rise of cloud and mobile computing, managing business information is far more challenging than it used to be. A document management system (DMS) captures, stores, and retrieves documents in any format, but to be truly effective, it must integrate seamlessly with your core business processes.