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See How PaperSave Dramatically Improves Fabrikam's Processes While Saving the Environment

PaperSave helped Fabrikam Industries become a more efficient company saving them loads of time and money managing documents, while automating approvals.

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How a Foundation Cut Costs and Waste Using PaperSave with Blackbaud

See how the team at Fabrikam Foundation improved processes with donors while speeding up approvals internally. PaperSave’s seamless integration with Blackbaud gave Fabrikam one-click access to documents related to records within Blackbaud. Now the Fabrikam team spends their extra time outside with the beautiful trees they’ve saved!

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Transform Your Documents, Transform Your Business

What are all of the benefits of PaperSave and how can it help you manage your process, not your paper? Watch this video for an overview of PaperSave’s features including testimonials from some of our biggest fans!

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