Business Transformation Session Presents Compelling Reasons to Go Paperless

May 28, 2015 Events, Presentations

Attendees at KTL Solutions “Empower the User” Conference took advantage of an extraordinary learning environment by participating in numerous sessions devoted to business improvement leveraging technology.  PaperSave, a document management and workflow automation system, presented one of these sessions titled, “Business Process Transformed” which discussed the benefits of a paperless office and earned a five star rating among attendees.  PaperSave emphasized the benefits of paperless office yielding benefits such as increased efficiencies, streamlined and automated paper-based processes and enhanced collaboration.

According to presenter Holly Condon, Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing at PaperSave, “A paperless office is a goal of many technologists and environmentalists who look to eliminate workplace clutter, waste and the reduction of a natural resource.  As a business improvement effort, a paperless office is an objective that will result in cost savings, improved productivity and response times with the right document management system.  Accounts Payable is an obvious starting point; however, finance, sales and legal are paper-intensive areas that can benefit as well.”

To view a copy of this presentation, click here.