Why successful companies use mobile document management

Why successful companies use mobile document management

A few decades ago, mobile phones were primarily used for calling and texting. Now, they’re pocketable supercomputers capable of running enterprise apps. These devices have become so powerful that competitive businesses are utilizing them for work, especially when it comes to document management.

While there are plenty of on-premise document management systems (DMS) available today, mobile versions give businesses an unprecedented level of efficiency and flexibility. Here are the concrete benefits you can expect by leveraging mobile DMS:

Remote workforce

The most frequently cited benefit of using mobile DMS like PaperSave is how they enable remote work arrangements. PaperSave runs on the cloud, allowing employees to access and edit files from any location with a stable internet connection.

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If DMS software is paired with other enterprise apps like Office 365 and Dynamics 365 Business Central, employees hardly need to be in the office to collaborate and synchronize with the team. Not only does this dramatically reduce travel costs, but it also increases job satisfaction levels since employees have the opportunity to work in comfortable environments that are conducive to their productivity.

On-the-spot data capture

With an on-premise system, capturing data can be a painstaking process for field staff because they have to save reports and receipts and can only process them once they return to the office.

However, processing documents into the company database is incredibly fast and easy with the PaperSave mobile app. All that users have to do is photograph a document and upload it to the database. Then, they can use the app’s advanced document capture features to convert the images into a searchable file. This works for various documents, including invoices, forms, and reports.

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Employees can also pre-program the DMS software to route specific documents to co-workers, ensuring that there’s no delay in operations as soon as a document is uploaded into the system.

Better customer service

PaperSave gives field staff all the information they need to service customers at their fingertips. For example, if a sales representative is meeting with a client, they don’t need to bring bulky portfolios and stacks of documents. Instead, they can use PaperSave’s full text search features to retrieve contracts, case studies, and other essential documents by typing in a few keywords in the search bar.

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Even customer service reps who get asked about invoices and purchase orders can track down all the information they need through the app without ever having to drop the call to contact the accounting department.

Cross-platform compatibility

Mobile-optimized DMS apps are compatible with numerous devices. It doesn’t matter if your employees are using iOS or Android; PaperSave offers the same cutting-edge features and adapts to various screen resolutions, file formats, and hardware.

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Robust document security

Cybersecurity concerns are the biggest barriers to mobile DMS adoption, but this shouldn’t be the case when you have a top-quality app that’s designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data. PaperSave, for instance, utilizes multiple layers of security, including intrusion detection systems and 256-bit encryption protocols that protect company data from all manner of threats.

PaperSave also provides multi-factor authentication and access restriction settings that can be applied for each device and job role, minimizing the risk of internal leaks and unauthorized access. What’s more, any file that’s uploaded into the DMS is backed up in the cloud so you never lose your data even if a freak disaster wiped out your primary data centers.

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Believe it or not, these benefits merely scratch the surface of what a mobile DMS software is capable of. PaperSave offers even more features and integrations, and can be customized to your industry-specific needs. If you want to see how our solution can mobilize your business, sign up for our FREE personalized demo today.