Success stories: How PaperSave helped 3 different companies

Success stories: How PaperSave helped 3 different companies

Paperless office, big savings, increased business efficiency. You’ll often see these benefits being highlighted again and again in PaperSave blogs, but we understand if you still have some reservations about adopting document management systems (DMS) software. Investing in new technologies can be a risk, so it’s important to make an informed decision. If you want more proof you should implement DMS, here are a few companies that benefited greatly from PaperSave.

Education: Saint Andrew’s School

Saint Andrew’s School is a Pre K-12 college prep school in Florida with over 1,300 students. It’s a non-profit institution, so it relies on fundraising to provide students with top-notch educational resources, facilities, and teachers.

Prior to 2008, Saint Andrew’s suffered a massive issue related to donor management. The school’s filing systems were paper-based, which meant employees had to organize documents by hand and sift through rows of file cabinets to find specific donor records. This prevented staff from serving donors quickly and efficiently.

This problem was fixed when PaperSave was implemented and integrated with the school’s donor management software, Raiser’s Edge. Scanned documents were sorted, indexed, and stored in a centralized database, so staff can find donor records in a minute or less. PaperSave even eliminated the need for paper and filing cabinets, freeing up office space for additional desks and other equipment.

The most significant benefit, however, was that “employees were happier because they could devote their time to expanding the school’s donor network and serving current ones,” rather than waste time with mundane paperwork.

Manufacturing: Comfort Research

Comfort Research is a furniture manufacturer known nationwide for its modern bean bag chairs and molded furniture.

Their biggest problem was that their content management system at the time, OnBase, had a subpar search function that could not be integrated with the company’s enterprise resource planning system, Dynamics GP. What’s more, Comfort Research had serious workflow issues. Bills were scanned as PDFs without optical character recognition (OCR) technology, making it difficult to retrieve them. Most accounting and supply chain tasks were also done manually, which was prone to mistakes.

By switching to PaperSave, Comfort Research eliminated these issues. PaperSave integrates smoothly with Dynamics GP, which allowed the manufacturer to program automated workflows that streamline purchase order requests, invoicing, and even employee onboarding.

The best part was, PaperSave’s OCR-powered search features made it easy to process and retrieve documents. In fact, Comfort Research estimates that they save up to $62,000 each year just from more efficient document retrieval and approval processes.

Healthcare: BCFS

Baptist Child and Family Services (BCFS) is a non-profit organization that provides health and human services programs across the globe. Before using DMS software, they struggled with managing stacks of paperwork and inefficient accounting processes.

PaperSave fixed all that with automated workflow and filing features, which saved employees from having to process, organize, and retrieve documents manually. This enabled more streamlined accounts payable processes.

Beyond this, PaperSave secures protected health information with advanced intrusion prevention, stringent access restrictions, 256-bit encryption, and geo-redundant cloud backups. Such cutting-edge security measures help BCFS comply with ever-changing HIPAA regulations.

Get DMS software

There’s no denying the benefits of DMS software. It improves document storage and retrieval, streamlines repetitive workflows, and safeguards your documents from the worst cyberattacks and natural disasters. PaperSave document management systems can facilitate all these benefits for you, and so much more.

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