Saving time with electronic document management solutions

It's no secret that processes using paper can take a long time to reach completion, which is why many corporate leaders are trying to use computer technology in the form of electronic document management. Electronic solutions can help enterprises and non-profits live without paper. A number of organizations in different industries are turning to these options. Charities, local government agencies and even NFL teams are striving toward a paperless existence.

Charity turns to a new solution
According to, The Westminster Drug Project (WDP) recently deployed a financial management system that includes document management. The news source reported that the solution will save WDP, a UK-based charity, 4 days per month in administration. Additionally, the solution will save WDP thousands of dollars per year.

WDP estimated that reducing paper use will result in roughly $5,000 worth of savings. Postage and paper represent significant costs to the organization. The charity helps families affected by drugs and alcohol through care and outreach.

"As a growing charity, we need to have a holistic view of our financial performance to ensure that we operate as effectively and efficiently as possible whilst remaining compliant with Charity Commission regulations," said Grace Ademolake, financial controller with WDP.

North Dakota county discusses 'going paperless'
According to The Daily Republic, Davison County in South Dakota is set to discuss whether or not to adopt paperless solutions. Ramon Schultz of Tech Solutions led a discussion during the county's regular session to discuss the benefits of going paperless. Using electronics instead of paper isn't just happening in charities and local governments - big players like NFL teams are considering issuing electronic tickets, Bloomberg reported.

"We are looking at some paperless ticket solutions," Neil Glat, president of The New York Jets, told Bloomberg. "That would include how you get in the stadium, but it could be cashless transactions, it could be how you buy merchandise, it could be how you buy food."

A paperless future is imminent, making electronic document management and other solutions attractive to IT leaders around the country. Standing by the printer, waiting for signatures and slaving beside the coffee machine may become activities of the past as electronic solutions continue to advance.