How PaperSaveCloud improves collaboration in your organization

How PaperSaveCloud improves collaboration in your organization

Recent years have heralded an unprecedented growth in cloud technologies that businesses are capitalizing on to improve information management, reduce costs, boost security, and foster a collaborative working environment. PaperSaveCloud provides the same feature set as the on-premises version, albeit with some significant advantages, such as a lower total cost of ownership and better collaboration features.

A top priority for many of today’s businesses is workforce mobility. Employees are becoming more accustomed to working from home or on the move. Moreover, businesses are no longer constrained by geographical boundaries when looking for talent. A collaborative environment makes it possible for them to seamlessly work with people all over the world while providing administrators the means to centrally manage access rights and maintain full audit trails.

Platform reliability and uptime

A common concern business leaders have about migrating to the cloud is that they will lose control over their data. Often, they’re more confident in their own abilities to maintain maximum reliability and uptime rather than let an external provider take care of everything. But this misconception encourages some organizations to keep everything in-house. The reality is quite the opposite.

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The problem with on-premises systems is that unexpected downtime can occur at any time and without any warning. For example, a system malfunction may require on-site maintenance or costly hardware replacements. In the meantime, your employees are left unable to do their jobs. Such downtime can be a thing of the past with PaperSaveCloud, because it runs in the Microsoft Azure platform, which has an uptime of 99.9%.

Collaborate securely from any location

If there’s one thing that universally keeps business leaders awake at night, it’s the possibility of a cyberattack. These fears certainly aren’t unfounded either — attack surfaces have grown enormously since the propagation of mobile devices and cloud technologies. With data stored across different systems and subject to various security protocols, it’s often difficult to keep track of everything. That’s why some people still see the cloud as a threat.

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The idea that the cloud is less secure than in-house IT is simply untrue. In fact, a cloud provider like Microsoft has access to the administrative, physical, and technological safeguards that no small business could ever hope to afford. PaperSaveCloud keeps your data safe in the cloud while enabling anywhere-accessibility for authorized users. Our data-encryption uses the SHA 2 standard introduced by the National Security Agency.

Centralized administration with notifications

One of the biggest challenges of adopting cloud and mobile technologies is retaining complete visibility into your data and managing access rights across a wide range of different systems and devices. Although IT is becoming increasingly decentralized, administrators still need a way to centrally manage their infrastructures and have complete audit trails of every document in their care. heralded

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Migrating to the cloud shouldn’t mean losing control. In fact, data control is firmly rooted in a business’s ability to govern information per the demands of industry regulations, as well as their own internal processes. PaperSaveCloud provides full audit trails for every document in the system, which means your employees can enjoy the freedom of online collaboration while administrators always know precisely who is accessing the system and what they’re doing.

Who should use PaperSaveCloud?

Growing businesses need to ensure they have plenty of headroom to meet future demands. In many industry sectors, agility is everything in an age where workforce mobility is the new norm and the days of spending every workday in the office are turning obsolete. If you want to give your employees that flexibility, or you want to work with remote talent, a mobile and cloud-based document management system simply makes sense.

PaperSaveCloud provides everything you need to manage your digital assets without having to worry about security, accessibility, and audit trails. Call us today or sign up for a free personalized demo to get started.