PaperSave named to G2’s Leader Quadrant in AP Automation and Invoice Management

PaperSave named to G2’s Leader Quadrant in AP Automation and Invoice Management

To help companies make informed buying decisions on business solutions, G2 aggregates reviews from verified users and uses these to assign scores to various products and vendors.

PaperSave, complete document management, electronic workflow, and transaction automation platform, has consistently scored highly in G2’s rankings. As one client puts the platform’s strong points,


Recently, PaperSave received best-in-class recognition where is was awarded ‘Best Meets Requirements’ and ‘Easiest Admin’ in the AP Automation. These awards are particularly notable because G2 Crowd rankings are derived from voluntary, verified user reviews rather than 3rd party analysts.

What exactly does PaperSave do?

PaperSave is a comprehensive AP automation and invoice management solution that handles document capture and approval and automates transaction creation. By integrating effortlessly with commonly used hosting systems, the platform does more than just record data. It streamlines the entire document management process while bolstering its protection through top-of-the-line security contingencies.

What are the benefits of AP automation and invoice management?

These solutions promise greater efficiency to businesses that adopt them. In particular, these technologies can help:

#1. Save time

These solutions reduce the period needed to input and store data, thereby minimizing the time required to resolve billing discrepancies. This not only gives staff more time to focus on other valuable tasks, but it also leaves both customers and vendors happier and more satisfied.

#2. Reduce costs

AP automation cuts the cost of processing invoices by reducing the amount of time and labor that go into the process. It may even allow a business to settle their payables sooner and benefit from quick-pay incentives.

On the other hand, invoice management solutions are hosted in the cloud, which means that they don’t use up as much space as traditional document management processes do. In particular, they allow companies to cut down their operational costs by eliminating the need to constantly buy paper.

#3. Eliminate errors

Manual data entry is not only slow, but it’s also prone to error. Mistakes are among the most common reasons behind customer complaints and dissatisfaction. They can also put a company at risk of suffering from penalties.

AP automation reduces the involvement of human workers in data entry. PaperSave, for instance, captures data straight from the source documents, ensuring utmost accuracy in every step of the document management process.

#4. Increase transparency

Automation speeds up the document management process, which means accountants and business leaders can always see the state of their finances in real-time. Increasing transparency not only pleases investors, customers, and the government, but in highly regulated industries, it is considered a must.

#5. Improve decision-making

By cutting the time for document management and providing a real-time view of invoices, invoice management speeds up approval and allows authorized parties to make quick, valuable decisions when needed. Its cloud-based nature even allows authorized users to access documents anywhere using internet-capable devices, such as mobile phones.

#6. Boost security

Paper invoices are prone to loss, duplication, and damage. Invoice management minimizes the risk of this occurring. Furthermore, the technology takes advantage of various security measures that ensure safe storage, retrieval, and transmission of essential documents.

#7. Decrease dependence on paper

AP automation and invoice management help companies go paperless. This helps cut costs, as previously mentioned, and reduces the burden on forests whose trees become raw materials for paper. Electronic invoices also take less physical storage area than paper invoices do, which is great for small companies with limited space.

PaperSave is a dependable solution for companies looking to speed up and improve the accuracy and security of their document management process. Schedule a free personalized demo today to discover how we can meet your company’s requirements!

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