Paperless tasks increase natural disaster survival odds

The wrath of Mother Nature is no joke. Natural disasters are inevitable and sometimes unavoidable phenomena that can utterly destroy an organization in a matter of minutes. Taking the proper precautions to ensure longevity in the face of a hurricane or other event is critical. After witnessing the catastrophic impact of wildfires, tornadoes and the recent Hurricane Sandy, decision-makers need to take measures to guarantee their survival.

Despite their continued proliferation, paper-based organizations are often more susceptible to natural disasters, as once mission-critical documents are burned up or otherwise destroyed, they are gone for good. For this reason, businesses of all sizes need to consider making the transition to paperless operations, as it will increase their chance of successfully surviving an incident, if one were to occur.

Paperless workplaces more efficient in a disaster's wake
If a business is unfortunate enough to be directly affected by a natural disaster, it should not be the end of the world. If decision-makers take the proper precautions, there only needs to be a slight delay before employees can carry out tasks efficiently again.

However, this is not the case with companies still heavily reliant on physical paper. In most organizations, workers need administrators to sign off on mission-critical tasks that concern highly confidential information. If a company still uses paperwork, they will not be able to complete these objectives in the wake of an emergency. Paperless businesses, on the other hand, can use electronic workflow solutions that enable executives to digitally sign off on activities so employees can work remotely without jeopardizing efficiency.

Decision-makers in the private sector have a lot on their plate; there's no doubt about it. Nevertheless, they always need to keep disaster recovery in mind when selecting any type of service, especially when the solutions are incorporated within a firm's document management strategy.

The threat of natural disasters constantly looms over the business landscape. For this reason, executives need to consider going paperless and implementing off-site digital technologies to increase their odds against hurricanes and other events. If a firm waits too long to select these solutions, it will find itself struggling to maintain operations, resulting in lost or unhappy customers and a damaged reputation.