Paperless advantages for nonprofit businesses

Paperless advantages for nonprofit businesses

The nonprofit sector is constantly looking to discover new ways to save money and increase electronic workflow, but often to no avail. Because of a tendency toward smaller offices and staffs, these changes are often slow to take hold - any alteration in a concentrated work environment feels like a huge one that will take a great deal of adjustment. This is all the more reason to implement document management software in a nonprofit, as positive results will trickle down faster and change the way business is done for the better in the blink of an eye. Here are some standard tips for the business looking to give back when it comes to removing paper from the equation!

Open your mind to change
More so than other business models, nonprofits tend to be considered institutions - many have been working toward the same positive social goal for decades, and may be unsure about changing business practices. With this logic, companies would still be stuck in the stone age! It's extremely important to embrace the era an organization exists within, especially one with so many technological benefits. Having a healthy understanding of electronic document imaging will not just move your office into the future, it will gain your business respect from customers and contributors. Leading industry blog Nonprofit With Blogs appealed to its readers to consider improving electronic workflow instead of wasting money and time on mountains of paper.

"We also perpetuate the silly and inefficient tradition of printing because we don't want to hurt people's feelings," the post explained. "For board meetings, for example, we spend hours preparing packages. When our packages are heavy and well-collated, we feel confident and competent."

The reality is that implementing paperless technology makes communication faster, clearer and less messy altogether - when it comes to the amount of paper your organization forces a client to tote home, size does matter.

Environment-friendly mission makes for positive marketing spin
By remaining a slave to paper, nonprofit organizations are wasting up to $4500 a year, according to The Paperless Project. Electronic document imaging does make it significantly easier for office workers to share and collaborate together, true, but marketers should also consider the new 'go green' pitch angle companies can adopt when they help the environment around them by cutting paper waste out of the equation. A recent blog post from The Paperless Project could open a business's eyes to what organizations are saving when they make the switch.

"Americans still consume more paper per capita - upwards of 500 lbs. annually - than anyone else on earth," it explained. "On average, a person in the United States uses more than 700 pounds of paper every year."

Consider how much a single office can save in space and money by adopting document management software in addition to the positive marketing spin it provides. In a business sector that's aimed at the social good, a nod toward bettering the environment is nothing short of awesome for the organization and its customers alike!