Document management systems and Workflows: How they work together

Document management system (DMS) software is essential for every business. It organizes and stores your files in secure cloud servers, eliminating the need for file cabinets, printing supplies, and reams of paper in the office. But the best DMS software is much more than just a tool to digitize and archive your files, it also helps you manage company workflows.

Choosing the right DMS for your school

If you’re in the education industry, you know that managing paper documents -- such as worksheets, permission slips, and academic transcripts -- is a constant challenge. But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Document management systems (DMS) can digitize your files, automate manual processes, and save you money.

5 impediments to a paperless office

The benefits of a paperless office are well known and include more efficient processes, fewer file cabinets, and massive cost-savings from removing the reams from your office supplies purchases. It makes sense for all types of businesses to consider going paperless, especially in the technological world.

Paper Waste Statistics You Need to Know

Every business owner knows that controlling costs is key to success. This often involves cutting back on IT spending, travel, and outsourcing when you possible. But the use of paper is an expense that often gets overlooked.
The cost of paper
Despite advancements in technology, the average office worker goes through 10,000 sheets of paper per year.