Managed services proving value in new fashions

Managed services proving value in new fashions

Managed IT services have completely transformed the ways in which businesses acquire, use and optimize their technological investments. Rather than purchasing a piece of hardware or software, learning it, finding ways to implement it on their own and then handling maintenance internally, companies can now leverage the support of a firm that takes care of the technical and support demands of solutions. 

The difference can be seen throughout many organizations' departments, especially accounting, where new automation tools are entering the equation so quickly. Because these staff members are tasked with handling such a wide variety of functions and responsibilities, they will rarely have the time to truly maintain the technologies involved. A new report shows that outsourcing technical processes can have a massive impact on success rates. 

Starting strong
International Data Corporation recently reported that startups which leverage managed services for the entirety of their digital transformation endeavors possess 50 percent of their respective markets. This is notable for many reasons, none more so than the fact that the smallest, youngest companies tend to have the highest risk in their markets. This report explained, through the evaluation of case studies, that the use of outsourced services can mitigate risk and propel a young company to stronger performances in one fell swoop. 

"Organizations today are embracing new age digital technologies to address several business challenges that they face in their day to day operations. Digital technologies are bringing quintessential disruptions in today's businesses environments and new age technologies are being leveraged in unprecedented ways to strengthen brands, engage and deepen relationships with customers ", IDC Insights and Consulting Associate Vice President Shalil Gupta affirmed. "IDC believes that companies that recognize the real impact of going digital will gain real advantages of being future ready."

Managed services can dramatically improve small business performance. Managed services can dramatically improve small business performance.

Large range of advantages
Now, while this is somewhat of a broad-reaching study, there are plenty other supplemental pieces of research and case studies to support the idea that outsourcing can benefit any sized company.

The Balance argued that managed accounting IT services can provide companies with greater privacy protection and security, which is critical given the sensitivity of payment data and information in the modern landscape.

What's more, the news provider stated that access to mission-critical data - as well as the maintenance of that information - will tend to be improved when professional service providers are handling the backend, technical responsibilities. 

According to The Balance, managed services can help to ensure that the accounting department is always up-to-date with the latest and greatest solutions, often at a smaller total cost than the business would have to pay without such support. Regardless of whether a company is looking to improve its workflows, content management or accounts payable and receivable performances, managed services can provide a very big and helpful push. 

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