Latest version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM expected soon

In a number of different industries and among companies of all sizes, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been regarded as a crucial business tool. This platform can allow firms to manage their finances on a digital platform, something that's blending well with business models as time goes on. Increasingly, corporate leaders can no longer turn their heads away from the latest technologies, and many are ready to embrace solutions that will enable electronic workflow.

This way, they can ensure that they always have access to the most up-to-date company information possible, giving them a real-time view of how the entity is performing. Across departments, however, Dynamics goes a long way to help individual employees record and manage fiscal information while contributing to the success of the business.

Dynamics has long been viewed as something that is a necessity at successful firms. This sentiment is set to continue well into the future, as executives at Microsoft are set to launch the latest upgrade to Dynamics CRM this fall.

Not all upgrades to software are welcome - some business leaders take on the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," stance, and sometimes they find it hard to make the switch. But what can these entrepreneurs expect from the upcoming release?

Available in different formats
According to the latest press release coming out of Microsoft, Dynamics CRM 2013 will be available in two basic formats - an in-house version, as well as an online only tool. This way, business leaders will be able to pick the format that is best for them and their employees - would people rather install the tools on each computer, or should this be a cloud venture? Microsoft leaves the solution up to administrators for best results.

This new online feature might be extremely valuable for companies that allow workers to do work remotely. This way, they can complete tasks in an unrestricted manner from any device they prefer without sacrificing quality.

Brings the customer into the conversation
This might be a more effective solution for business leaders, as it gives their clients a bigger say in their experiences. The press release revealed that Dynamics 2013 fosters deeper connections with customers, and allows administrators to reach out to them on one dashboard but in numerous ways - email, social, mobile phones and other platforms.

"Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps people connect with these customers in a way that is personal — giving them the information they need to choose the right solutions, engage to drive sales and nurture relationships to deliver amazing experiences," noted Microsoft Dynamics Corporate Vice President Bob Stutz.

Integrates marketing
Another aspect that's new to Dynamics CRM 2013 is that it can allow administrators to integrate their automated marketing efforts on one central platform. The tool can connect to MarketingPilot, which enables the monitoring of advertising campaigns, as well as presenting one dashboard for multiple social and digital sources. The goal is to create sales leads and streamline yet another important factor of business on one system.

Moreover, the new version of the popular corporate solution allows users to connect to Lync and Skype, so business partners can communicate at all times while looking over various files like invoices or other electronic documentation.

WhiteOwl, a CRM and ERP technology firm based in South Florida has seen the popularity of CRM based on the attendance of marketing professionals to their webinars.  "Whenever we focused on marketing or sales related topics for CRM, we immediately saw an interest from these specific professionals through our registration numbers," according to Vicky Durkin, Marketing Director at WhiteOwl.

Enriches emerging devices
The interesting thing about the latest update from Microsoft is that it can be used on numerous different devices. Many business leaders might find this easiest if they implement the online version of Dynamics 2013.

According to Neowin, there are mobile app versions that can be installed on devices that run on the Windows 8 operating system, including the Windows Phone and various tablets. That being said, CMS Wire reported that Dynamics will be able to be used on Android and Apple-powered devices as well, and will be touch screen-optimized. Plus, machines that are part of the Yammer business social network service can also use this new version.