Key document management considerations

While the concept of deploying a document management system can be appealing to a number of organizations, the wide variety of solutions available can make the process complicated.

Capturing, imaging and managing a wide variety of files can be difficult if companies do not use the proper tools. For this reason, there is an abundance of service providers offering a wide variety of solutions capable of making these tasks easier. Unfortunately, this has also put strain on decision-makers, as choosing the right vendor is challenging.

It is important that executives plan ahead and consider several important questions when selecting a vendor, as limiting the number of offerings on the table will make selecting the appropriate tools that much easier.

What are the company's core goals?
The private sector consists of diverse companies of all sizes, each with their own long-term objectives. Decision-makers need to think about how a specific document management system will meet these goals or resolve existing problems slowing down operations.

Executives should consider why they are looking at document management software in the first place and narrow down the list of offerings by determining which solutions will enable their firm to enhance day-to-day activities in more than one department.

How big is the project going to be?
A document management system can boost operations in multiple departments if the right technology is selected and installed. However, this requires decision-makers to think on a large scale and consider how and where the solution will be used, as well as the types of records that will be maintained within the system.

Since today's private sector is highly mobile, executives need to think about geographic coverage and whether the network will only be accessed internally or if teleworkers will also use the tool. This is especially important when a business is looking to find a solution that meets industry compliance requirements.

Companies must envision the type of documents that will be stored in the system and how the assets will be used. If decision-makers fail to acknowledge these considerations, they may accidentally select the wrong solution and, as a result, hinder operations instead of improving them.

A document management system can dramatically improve an organization's ability to remain competitive while simultaneously reducing expenses associated with physical paperwork. Still, finding the right tools is important and administrators need to consider the demands and weigh their options carefully.