Human resources goes paperless

Human resources goes paperless

The human resources person we see in popular culture, on television or in print is typically swimming in a sea of paper, trying to make sense of chaos. Thanks to document management software and the dawn of paperless technology, such is no longer the case - though the human resources department remains as important as ever, invoice automation has empowered its electronic workflow in both small and large businesses.

Leaders in the paperless HR charge
From every standpoint, a paperless workplace stands to improve the efficiency of an office - whether a business is looking at the technology from a financial, workflow or space-saving perspective, paperless is a win for everyone. However, the human resources department of any company is an area that may benefit from paperless document management more than any other, as demonstrated by many businesses making a concentrated effort to reduce the piles of paperwork in HR. Common duties in human resources departments include processing hiring documents and applications, collecting and processing workplace complaints, managing training manuals and other paper-heavy responsibilities. With the help of document management software providers, this often disorganized trip to the copy machine can be eliminated completely.

Accel Partners, a major entrepreneurial development company, recently invested significant funds in standardizing a paperless human resources environment company-wide, according to a report from Venture Beat. The calculated business decision does not come without a specific plan of how to implement document management workflow into the department's day-to-day. Company-wide, this one-time investment will pay off quickly in the money saved by eliminating reams of paper that would have to be purchased and delivered, {stopping the cycle of }buying and likely replacing the constantly jamming printers that plague the workplace and ending repairs for aging copy machines taking up significant office space.

Time and money saved by going paperless
Similar to major players like Accel, small-town government offices in places like Vineland, New Jersey have taken up the call of adopting electronic document imaging to better their bottom line. Vineland has streamlined completely electronic pay stubs and direct deposit city-wide, eliminating paper from its payroll completely. The town's Chief Financial Officer Roxanne Tosto spoke to the advantages the new system will offer in an interview with The Daily Journal.

"Direct deposit will save, when completely implemented, meaning paperless capability, an enormous amount of money, time all around," Tosto said.

To ensure complete access for all city employees, The Daily Journal reported that computer kiosks will be made available to those who do not own a computer, and that the wireless payment system is projected to be a huge success.

Vineland's new model is a positive example of small businesses transforming their bottom line with paperless technology. Not only will electronic workflow within the payroll department improve, but taking a small step toward a completely paperless small government is an indication of progression to come - if small launches like exclusively electronic paychecks are successful city-wide, then further improvements will be made until those hideous stacks of papers in human resources are a thing of the past. Until then, every little step counts.