How the advantages of paperless document management should overcome hesitation

Companies that are willing to go paperless have realized what benefits come from the implementation of new workflows and software. Paperless document management provides a streamlined service that both employees and customers can take advantage of.

The downsides of hard copies
Paper reports take a toll on anyone working with them. Even individuals not working in an office setting know how out of control physical documents can get. And yet, the dependence on them remains.

"My entire office is full of paper, and many days I feel completely trapped by paper," Tamara Hill, a child and adolescent therapist told Daily Finance. "However, as a therapist who is constantly in a vulnerable position to be sued, paper forms make me feel more secure when signed and filed. Anything can happen in an electronic system and paperwork is often lost or hard to get to."

The belief that paperwork goes missing within an electronic system is one of the main fears of those who hesitate to adopt document management software. Programs have backup recovery systems that secures data in case the worst does happen. Destination CRM highlighted the ability for most software to have security elements in place, and reported that it could make the difference between bankruptcy and business continuity. Electronic files are organized thoroughly within the system and employees can use detailed searches to find particular reports.

The upsides of paperless document management
A variety of document management software is available for businesses looking to make the change to a paperless office. Some features often include cloud hosting, which allows employees to work remotely and access crucial reports. However, employees can also can determine who can view these documents at a time, so the program can be customized to a particular group working on a project.

Using paperless processes also saves money. Companies no longer have to purchase any tools that are necessary for paper documents. 

"I no longer need to pay for paper, ink, filing cabinets, notebooks, staplers, printer/fax machines or space for storage," Lark Ismail, a virtual assistant at Lark's Virtual Solutions, said to Daily Finance.

There is still hesitation in the corporate world about paperless documentation and the technology solutions that come with it. However, not many are capable of arguing against the benefits that are available with paperless software. An enterprise can do its research on what program may suit its needs and discover the advantages it may provide for its employees and customers.