How to Get Employees to Use Your New Document Management Software

How to Get Employees to Use Your New Document Management Software

Documents, whether in digital or printed form, are essential in any business. In fact, the success of your organization depends heavily on your ability to manage and store information effectively while ensuring the security of your confidential data throughout the process. Document management systems offer many benefits, such as improved security and regulatory compliance, increased productivity, and simple data backup and disaster recovery.

While the benefits of implementing a modern document management system are undeniable, the last thing you want is to go through all the trouble only to find out that your employees are reluctant to use it. Just like any other technology solution, the success of your new document management software is directly tied to employee adoption. If you’re having trouble getting your employees to use the new technology, then the following tips should help:

Get Everyone Involved

Good communication is one of the defining characteristics of a successful company, but if you’re deploying new technology without informing your employees beforehand, they probably won’t be too happy about it. Including everyone on your team in the decision-making process is a great way to empower them with a sense of responsibility and let them know well ahead of time that you’re changing a core business process like document management.

Your employees also need to know why you’re implementing the latest document management system and how it’s going to help them do their jobs. After all, they’re the end users, and their ability to use your new systems to their fullest potential is critical. Finally, you should take a long-term approach to onboarding your staff with new technology by offering regular training sessions and responding to user feedback.

Encourage Experimentation

Technology is essential to any modern organization, which is why you should strive to create a culture of innovation in your workplace. In other words, instead of dreading the upcoming implementation of a new system or business process, your employees should be looking forward to it.

Creating a culture of innovation primarily requires two things: the ability to align technology with the specific needs of your company, and the ability to communicate these needs and challenges with your employees.

A great way to do both is to enable experimentation before the formal launch date. By giving your employees early access to the new tools, before they become deeply integrated with mission-critical systems, you’ll be able to get all sorts of useful feedback and identify any potential problems well in advance.

Get Influencers to Help

Some employees will always be more hesitant than others when it comes to new technology, but changing your company culture can help foster an environment in which your early adopters will become leading influencers themselves. Particularly during the early stages of the launch, you’ll want to focus heavily on getting influencers on board to help educate the rest of your team on using the new system and how it can help them better do their jobs.

By building a network of champions who are fully invested in your new document management system, you’ll have a team who can more effectively coach others and change people’s habits for the better. It’s not just about picking only those who have a fascination with all things technology either – it’s about working with people who have excellent networking and communications skills, and who can turn others into early adopters and influencers themselves.

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