Document management aiding elders’ caretakers

Electronic document management isn't just for enterprises at the cutting edge of new technology - it can also be useful in senior living centers and other organizations that help manage the lives of others around the country. Going paperless is a good option for enterprises and non-profit organizations that are having trouble staying organized. Filing papers into cabinets takes precious time away from other tasks.

According to Seattle Pi, the Horizon House Senior Living Center in Seattle, Washington recently deployed an electronic document management system to help staff with processes. The system will keep a large amount of files digitally, offering enhanced search features and a reduction in paper.

Too much paper poses a challenge
With project, residential and accounting files piling up, administrators were having difficulty organizing documents. Because the Horizon House is a continuing care center that keeps track of a multitude of important documents, an adequate storage system is necessary to increase efficiency and generate productivity among staff.

"Filing cabinets were taking up valuable space, and the manual filing of accounting records had become a significant burden that was consuming valuable staff time," said Troy Schneiter, Horizon House systems administrator. "Everything from copies of checks, to insurance policies, to accounts payable billing files are kept on hand, and paper is an inefficient way to manage records."

Others can take note of the successful Horizon House deployment. Staff members are enjoying increased efficiency and easier processing thanks to a document management system that stores a variety of documents. Employees can focus energy on more important pursuits because administrative duties have been greatly reduced.

Storing documents is key
According to InfoWorld, documenting and storing past information is extremely important. The news source reported that IT specialists should always keep track of activity in order to ensure future safety. The news source gave an example of an IT specialist who did not have documentation regarding an agreement with his employer. Because there was a lack of information about what had gone on within the company, the employee faced difficulty in acquiring benefits. A document management system not only encourages users to file important documents away for safekeeping, it also makes them easy to find in the case of emergency.