The day-to-day problems solved by going paperless

The day-to-day problems solved by going paperless

Going paperless is a tough challenge, but the benefits are worth it. Document management systems (DMSs) enable you to have a much tidier, more environmentally friendly business that help reduce cost. But the benefits go far beyond going green. For the everyday office worker, not having to deal with paper makes life a lot easier.


A common problem most paper-ridden businesses face is managing their growing collection of files and cabinets. Even if traditional filing systems seem manageable at first, there comes a point when it’ll be impossible for your employees to keep up.

If they were doing things the traditional way, they’d have to look through the stacks of paper and find the right cabinet to sift through, assuming everything was labeled and organized correctly. But mistakes are inevitable, and it can cost your business $120 just to find a misfiled document.

If you can’t find a file when you want it, then your business is not running as efficiently as it can. Modern DMSs store files in a central database so they’re easy to retrieve. All you need to do is type in a specific sequence of keywords related to the document you’re looking for, and the DMS will retrieve it for you in seconds.

Data loss

Paper is far from ideal when it comes to data security. Employees can easily leave documents containing sensitive information out in the open or hand them over to someone without the right authorization. What’s worse is paper is extremely flimsy, so if a fire breaks out or a water leak occurs, important documents could be lost forever. Because of this, you and your employees will have to reproduce lost documents which cost around $220 per document, according to a recent study.

Scanning your documents and storing them in a cloud-based DMS server means your data is safe from Mother Nature. They’re also protected by enterprise-grade encryption systems, data backup software, and a team of IT professionals to ensure cybersecurity and compliance with industry regulations.

Printing issues

Printers are notorious for giving users a hard time. Their firmware constantly needs to be updated and they must be loaded with paper and ink to print. Many people forget to do these things, so, when the time comes to print a document, nothing works correctly.

Even if your printer is fully stocked, you and your employees have to deal with paper jams. You’ll then have to unplug the printer, open the paper tray, and somehow pull out the jammed document without damaging anything. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to take the printer apart to free the paper and spend the entire day trying to piece the printer back together.

A cloud-based DMS like PaperSaveCloud makes sure you won’t experience these issues ever again. Because your files are digitized and stored in the cloud, everyone can access documents from any internet-connected device, removing the need for bulky, uncooperative printers. You’ll also reduce spending on office supplies and printer maintenance services, which is always a huge plus.


Efficiency and productivity in accounting take a huge hit when you rely on paper because you have to print many copies and make sure they reach the right person. The time spent doing all this adds up, costing your business thousands of dollars.

Advanced DMSs integrate with the latest accounting software like Intacct so you’ll never have to resort to such archaic methods. DMSs have workflows that can route documents as soon as they’re processed into the system. So, if you scanned an invoice, the DMS will automatically process the information and, depending on your preferences, send it directly to the right manager for approval.

PaperSave document management solutions help you get rid of these tedious issues for good, so you have more time to focus on important projects. But if you need more convincing, take a look at our FREE whitepaper: Top 9 reasons to go paperless!