Collaboration essential in mobile, cloud-enabled business world

Companies are encountering increasingly large volumes of digital documents, especially as the web and mobile landscapes continue to evolve and mature. As the private sector pushes forward with bring your own device and cloud computing, decision-makers need to be proactive and implement tools that can enhance operations without jeopardizing security.

A recent Adobe-sponsored report by IDC highlighted this fact. It found that the average company with 1,000 employees experiences document-related productivity problems that amount to nearly $16 million in expenses each year. If organizations want to eliminate this problem, they must do the equivalent of hiring an additional 213 people, which may be unreasonable in today's ongoing economic crisis.

"The compounding complexity of work has never been more pressing," said Melissa Webster, program vice president at IDC. "As the number of mobile devices and the use of cloud services surge, information workers must be empowered to work more effectively with documents anywhere on any device."

Document management qualities to look for
Efficiency is the key to success in today's business world, and if employees have to dig through mountains of physical paperwork everyday to get even the simplest tasks done, there is a problem. Decision-makers need to consider converting records to a digital format and leveraging electronic workflow solutions that can streamline operations.

"[Companies] need a solution that enables them to collaborate with others inside and outside the firewall while at the same time meeting IT and organizational requirements for streamlined management, application security and secure delivery of information - all with a high [return on investment]," Webster said.

Another report by SmallBiz Technology echoed the importance of having document management solutions that incorporate comprehensive data protection. While all organizations are forced to meet various compliance requirements, the finance department, in particular, needs to adhere to a number of regulations regarding the safety of personally identifiable information and monetary records.

As mobile and cloud technologies continue to mature and evolve, businesses of all sizes will need to consider utilizing advanced document management software that will support next-generation operations without jeopardizing the protection of mission-critical information.

Kevin Lynch from Adobe said that as more information is generated everyday, companies need safe collaborative solutions to remain competitive.