4 Ways AP automation helps you fight COVID-19-era scams

Just because there’s a pandemic doesn’t mean cybercriminals are lying low. Proof of this is the proliferation of coronavirus-themed scams and cyberattacks that exploit people’s unpreparedness in order to steal sensitive information and money. One of the best ways to combat these threats and protect your accounts payable (AP) department is to turn to AP automation solutions like PaperSave.

How COVID-19 proved the importance of AP automation

For businesses and company segments that handle traditionally on-site and paper-centric processes, the stay-at-home and social distancing orders resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic posed significant challenges. Accounts payable (AP) teams, for instance, faced possibly longer turnaround times, not just in processing but also in approving invoices.

4 Ways an AP automation solution supports a mobile workforce

The coronavirus pandemic and the lockdowns imposed to control it proved just how limiting and inflexible the traditional office setup can be. As the world faces a new normal, one in which workers aren’t tied down to their office desks, you must invest in technologies that let your staff be productive wherever they may be.