Comparing paper-based and paperless invoice processing

Electronic invoices are superior to traditional paper invoices in many ways. They improve the speed and security of your invoice management process and are much cheaper to use than their paper-based counterparts. To give you a better understanding of the benefits of paperless invoice processing, this blog will discuss the solution and how it compares with using paper documents.

4 Ways AP automation promotes business continuity

You never know when a natural calamity, cyberattack, or some other kind of disaster will interrupt your organization’s operations, so you must always be ready with measures that ensure business continuity. Adopting technologies that promote resilience, such as accounts payable (AP) automation, is a crucial step in achieving this goal.

How to build an effective automation strategy for gift processing

Everyone these days is trying to automate as much as they can. It saves time and effort and streamlines work processes, freeing you and your team to work on problems that need real human ingenuity.

But many small- and medium-sized nonprofits still think affordable automation solutions are out of their reach, technically and fiscally — that advanced automation is only for big players.