How to build an effective automation strategy for gift processing

Everyone these days is trying to automate as much as they can. It saves time and effort and streamlines work processes, freeing you and your team to work on problems that need real human ingenuity.

But many small- and medium-sized nonprofits still think affordable automation solutions are out of their reach, technically and fiscally — that advanced automation is only for big players.

Robotic Process Automation 101 (Machine Learning)

Companies that struggle with inefficient processes often make the mistake of throwing more people at the problem. This results in high human labor costs and errors that severely hinder your company’s performance.

Robotic process automation (RPA) tools eliminate all these issues, as a result, they’ve gained a lot of traction in the business world.

3 keys to selling automated workflow systems to executives

Document management leaders face a difficult situation. The work they do is highly specialized, to the point that many executives may not understand the full scope of what they do. Something like processing paper invoices feels like a massive inefficiency in the document management world, but an executive sees it as something that takes just a few minutes and not a priority to the business.