Securing your finance firm’s digital transformation

Cybersecurity is never far from thought, and this is especially true in highly regulated industries that deal with sensitive client information such as banks and other financial institutions.

As you move your organization into the digital era, it’s important to prioritize security, for the safety of your client information, your institutional success, and your legal liabilities.

The Risks of Unsecured File Sharing

Believe it or not, the biggest threat facing your business isn’t hackers and malicious software – it’s human negligence from within. Data leakage and loss from unsecured file sharing and other collaboration processes is every bit as dangerous as any cyber-attack.

4 Document Security Measures that Every Business Needs

Documents are at the heart of pretty much everything a business does, so it’s never a good idea to take document security lightly. If you don’t have a suitable way to manage and secure your documents, you’ll end up with reduced efficiency and poor communication throughout your workplace.