How optical character recognition (OCR) increases business efficiency

The biggest challenge to going paperless is transferring archives to a digital medium. For a long time, the only way to digitize information from a printed document was to transcribe it, but this can take ages to complete. A more efficient method involves optical character recognition (OCR) — a software used to convert scanned images of printed text into machine-readable information.

6 Simple steps to a paperless office

There’s very little reason why companies shouldn’t go paperless. Managing reams of paper and rows of filing cabinets is hardly efficient and cost-effective, and often leads to a cluttered workspace. By contrast, transitioning to an electronic document management environment streamlines workflow and frees up office space.

7 Signs you should switch DMS providers

Document management systems (DMS) software allows businesses to streamline paper processing, save costs, and improve data security, when used properly. Even if you’ve been using a DMS software for years, it’s a good idea to regularly evaluate its performance to make sure you’re getting all the expected benefits.

Humans: The weakest link in DMS security

Data security is a big challenge for businesses. Cyberattacks are only getting more sophisticated, and if businesses fail to defend against them, it could result in thousands of dollars in data loss, fines, and loss of brand reputation.

Cutting-edge document management systems (DMS) software like PaperSave helps you secure your most sensitive files by storing them in geo-redundant, fully encrypted offsite servers.

Reasons why the hospitality industry needs DMS

The hospitality sector is an extremely competitive market where the most efficient companies succeed. If your hotel or restaurant is constantly bogged down by paper documents or has poorly managed filing systems, how can you expect to provide high-quality customer service and keep costs under control?

Document management systems (DMS) get rid of your paper problems and offer a wide array of tools that gives your business a competitive edge.