Why integrating your ERP and CRM to a DMS is important?

Growing businesses need robust software applications to achieve their goals. They must have enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for accounting and customer relationship management (CRM) systems for sales and marketing. The problem is having multiple systems makes it difficult to coordinate departments and manage data that’s scattered in separate databases.

What is data sprawl and how do you manage it?

Data is an organization’s most valuable resource. It enables business owners to make informed decisions, understand their client base, and streamline processes. But managing data is becoming more difficult than ever. Documents and records are scattered in clusters of filing cabinets, servers, corporate intranets, and emails.

5 Processes nonprofits didn’t know they could automate

Nonprofit organizations must find community partners, recruit volunteers, and raise funds to carry out their mission. However, repetitive manual tasks like data entry often get in the way of such objectives. They cut into the time nonprofits would rather devote to more mission-critical work, and they’re prone to costly errors that may result in compliance issues.