Using fundraising software for successful fundraisers

Fundraisers attract sponsors and encourage them to donate, making these activities essential to your nonprofit organization’s ability to fulfill its mission. Using fundraising software to automate gift processing will boost your organization’s efficiency and make your fundraising campaigns an even bigger success.

Why you should reduce reliance on paper-based AP processes

Good document organization is vital to your business’s productivity. If your company is not properly organized, paperwork can be misplaced, tasks can pile up, and you can lose valuable time that could’ve been used for more productive tasks.

The problem with paper-based processes
Despite the availability of digital solutions such as accounts payable (AP) automation, many businesses still rely on paper-based processes.

Comparing paper-based and paperless invoice processing

Electronic invoices are superior to traditional paper invoices in many ways. They improve the speed and security of your invoice management process and are much cheaper to use than their paper-based counterparts. To give you a better understanding of the benefits of paperless invoice processing, this blog will discuss the solution and how it compares with using paper documents.