Businesses continue to migrate toward paperless operations

Nearly everything in today's business world is digital, eliminating the need for paper-based products and documents. This is introducing a number of changes in the workplace, including the growing use of workflow software systems.

There are multiple factors driving the necessity of paperless operations, all of which will continue to influence decision-makers to use advanced document management solutions in the coming years, according to a report by Channel Partners Online.

Drivers behind the paperless trend

As companies continue to struggle through today's ongoing global economic crisis, maintaining efficiency is critical. Unfortunately, the use of paper-based products often creates chaos, as mismanagement or simple misplacement can result in monumental problems, the news source said. By converting everything to digital formats, organizations will regain control of the workplace and enhance workflow.

In addition to the economy, enterprises around the world are constantly required to update operations in order to remain compliant with a strict set of industry regulations, Channel Partners Online noted. Exposing confidential files can force companies to pay large fines or suffer hits to their reputation. By leveraging document management systems and changing paper files to digital ones, decision-makers can better monitor their resources and apply the appropriate level of security.

The consumerization of IT is also impacting how businesses operate, as more people demand the ability to work remotely by using personal smartphones, tablets and other next-generation gadgets. Although telework often has the ability to reduce costs by eliminating the presence of premise-based equipment, it also makes life much more complicated for organizations that don't have digital files stored online. Individuals working outside the office need to be able to access and use documents, Channel Partners Online noted, but physically handing employees papers is a risky move. For this reason, many companies are trying to go paperless and are leveraging workflow systems.

The need to reduce the use of paper-products is also being driven by disaster recovery and business continuity programs, the news source said. It is much easier to keep operations running when everything is digital and companies can let individuals to work remotely in the aftermath of a disaster than it is to dig through the rubble to find sensitive documents.

As more companies look to turn green and go paperless, deploying the right document management systems will be important to remaining efficient.