Boosting workplace communication, collaboration with paperless document management

Boosting workplace communication, collaboration with paperless document management

Accessing documents outside your own department can, at times, feel more difficult than climbing Mount Everest. 

If you need a copy of an invoice, for instance, you might have to call someone on the finance team, who then has to find the file in one of any number of cabinets before faxing it over to you. 

Wouldn't it be easier if everything was simply streamlined into the electronic workflow? That's possible with paperless document management. 

Carlos Molina, CFO and senior vice president of finance and administration for United Way of Miami-Dade, said his organization implemented PaperSave solutions seven years ago as a cost-cutting measure. Over time, though, employees figured out the technology has several other benefits

"We realized it wasn't just that; it was the ease with which we could communicate with each other," Molina said. 

Paperless systems have been proven to be cost-efficient - companies typically achieve a return on investment within a year, according to IDC - while boosting worker productivity. But the technology has also led to a variety of unintended advantages, such as improving collaboration and communication across the workplace by:

- Making information accessible to everyone around operations, which in turn makes both employees more productive.

- Allowing employees to collaborate on content creation with the check in/out version control. Having consistent data throughout an organization is also helpful when it comes to collaboration.

- Offering annotations on documents (highlights, stamps, redactions, sticky notes, text) and related security by document type, enabling users to add, hide and delete them to protect sensitive information.

For Advocate Charitable Foundation, a nonprofit comprised of more than 200 locations, collaboration can be extremely difficult for obvious reasons. Through the help of paperless document management, the organization has enhanced its cross-site communication tremendously.

"It's definitely very easy. Installation was extremely painless. [And] it's actually allowed us to automate parts of our month end process, saving hours of work," Mitchell Gibbs, vice president of advancement services. "It's dramatically improved our communication within our teams."