Blackbaud Attachments and Media Issues

Blackbaud Attachments and Media Issues


Media/NXT Attachments vs. PaperSave

At PaperSave, we get asked a question all the time: Why do I need PaperSave when Blackbaud’s NXT allows you to attach documents? The answer is a simple one. There are over 100 different features offered by PaperSave which allow you to streamline processes and go paperless. Plus, Media/NXT Attachments have some inherent deficiencies. Here is a brief overview of some of them.

PaperSave’s integration with NXT allows you to access the same document from BOTH the NXT web view and the database view.

NXT attachments are only available in web view so anyone working in database view needs to switch to NXT to view and add attachments. This is also an Attachments issue for anyone using the Modules that only exist in database view currently where Attachments do not exist.

With PaperSave you have robust access security controls specifically for your document management functions

NXT attachments requires a user to have full edit rights to the record type in order to add an Attachments. If you want someone to be able to add gift documents in RE or invoice documents in FE, for example, that user will also need to have the ability to alter the gift or invoice record itself. This will likely limit who you will allow to ‘file’ the documents

With PaperSave your documents are protected against loss - securely stored and backed up in PaperSave cloud.

With NXT attachments, there is a risk of losing access to your stored documents if certain issues arise and you need to do a system restart. Furthermore, documents saved to the Media tab can’t be extracted from that tab and will be lost if you migrate away from using that view. If you are accessing stored documents from media via a link, any changes to the document name or location will cause you to lose access to the document.

You’ve already taken a great step in deciding to go paperless. While using Attachments and media may seem like a step in that direction, only PaperSave ensures the efficiency and security improvements you and your organization should enjoy from that move.