Benefits of Dynamics 365 Business Central and PaperSave in the digital age

Benefits of Dynamics 365 Business Central and PaperSave in the digital age

The business world is changing and as the digital age continues to transform the way we work, the pace of business, connectivity, and communication is increasing at a rapid rate. Thankfully, your company needn’t be left behind.

PaperSave offers tools to bring your organization up to speed while providing ample benefits. And with our recent integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central, we now offer customers more value than ever. Let’s take a look at how these two solutions add value to your business.

PaperSave saves you time and money!

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Our team has conducted an enormous amount of research on how paper-free processes generate fast ROI, and the results are head-turning. For example, 13.5% of the average office space is taken up by paper storage. That may not sound like a surprising figure to many; in fact, it may even sound reasonable. But does it still sound reasonable when you consider the cost of office space has risen by 19%? That figure will only go up as inflation continues to increase the cost of doing business. So what does this mean for you?

When your company chooses PaperSave to complement Dynamics 365 Business Central, you’ll instantly save money and reduce overhead costs by going paperless. Instead of purchasing bulky filing cabinets, stacks of copy paper, and expensive on-premises services, these two cloud-based solutions are available to you for only a small monthly fee. Keep in mind that also includes security patches and maintenance services that save you from costly data breaches and noncompliance penalties.

Productivity explosion

Time is money. And the amount of time your employees focus on producing results — instead of handling documents — creates a business with improved productivity.

Many people understand how a cluttered workspace can slow down your employees’ output. For example, what happens when they need to find a document in the looming paper stacks on their desks? Everything slows to a standstill as they waste valuable minutes searching for, filing, and retrieving the document.

With PaperSave’s integration, documents including accounts receivable notices, accounts payable checks, delivery tickets, and packaging slips are automatically processed, organized, and stored in your Dynamics 365 Business Central database. From there, you can retrieve documents with a simple search query. But the best part is employees can spend more time doing high-value tasks instead of entering information into a database all day.

Best of all, you can access PaperSave documents anywhere and anytime. As long as you have a smartphone, you can open these documents anywhere.

Comprehensive workflow capabilities

PaperSave and Dynamics 365 Business Central not only make filing and retrieving documents a breeze, they also replace tedious paper-based processes with automated ones. For example, you can create an integrated workflow that prompts PaperSave to route invoices to Dynamics 365 Business Central and notifies an accounts payable manager of the outstanding invoice.

PaperSave and Dynamics 365 Business Central can also be programmed to streamline content approvals, employee onboarding, sales order processing, project management, and more. This means your employees never have to waste time and money tracking and physically moving documents in the workplace.

Speedy, reliable customer service

A paperless office enabled by PaperSave and Dynamics 365 Business Central also improves customer service. With fewer bottlenecks to slow down your client service team, staff will be able to promptly respond to complaints and give their undivided attention to customers. If they need to retrieve information, they can do so quickly and confidently, without worrying about whether they have the correct, most accurate copy of a paper document.

Powerful analytics

While cloud-based document management lets you store your files in a single location, Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central enhances that process. Business Central seamlessly integrates with your inbox, Office 365, Azure and other Microsoft products, and provides a detailed summary of your finances, sales, approvals, and other areas of your business. When combined with PaperSave, it offers an unparalleled view of your company that enables your organization to be more agile, responsive, and efficient.

And we’re just scratching the surface. Learn more about the benefits of easy document management inside Business Central.
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