Benefits abound for electronic document management

In a day and age where it seems as though everything can be done using a computer, electronic document management is becoming popular in a number of industries. Bending over a copy machine and carefully alphabetizing documents could be activities of the monotonous past due to the benefits of new solutions. According to Formtek, there are a large number of benefits of electronic document management, which include search, storage, disaster recovery and more. The ability to electronically catalog and store documents is a worthwhile pursuit for organizations of all sizes as they seek to implement the best technological offerings.

Formtek reported that document management allows for increases in speed, which in turn streamline processes and give more time for other pressing tasks. According to the source, electronically-stored documents can be found in a matter of seconds. If an organization uses paper storage, it might take weeks to find the necessary document. Human resources can be constantly occupied in an environment where paper is prime, making electronic document management a consideration for IT decision makers and other leaders.

Although the technology has a number of benefits, it should be implemented with care. According to the news source, it's essential that leaders check to make sure vendors can provide enough support. It's also best to get a number of quotes to find the most cost-effective solution.

Local car wash trades manual searching for document management
Business Insider reported that Bubbles Car Wash 's implementation is a good example of document management's benefits. Because the car wash offered two distinct services, it needed a way to streamline processes so that paper wasn't continuously passed around.

"We would spend hours saying 'If I were Natalie, where would I have filed this?'… and sometimes never even find a document," said a Bubbles spokesperson, according to Business Insider. "We'd spend hours searching instead of getting more important work done and meeting deadlines."

The news source reported that the Houston-based car wash saw benefits from a complete document management software solution. According to Business Insider, Bubbles is a good example of a small organization benefiting from document management systems. Although the systems sound intimidating, they can help businesses of all sizes, not just large enterprises. With document management offering so many advantages, it's a no-brainer that organizations should consider implementing software solutions to streamline processes.