4 Specific ways document management can support your business continuity plans

Downtime caused by man-made and natural disasters, cyberthreats, and other unplanned incidents can take a huge toll on your company’s revenue and brand. And the longer the delay, the more money you stand to lose. Developing and implementing a business continuity plan helps your company manage and address disruptions effectively, and keep it operational.

The importance of integrating your AP automation solution with your ERP

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have countless benefits. By unifying data from key areas like finance, accounting, human resources, and the supply chain, ERP software can steer your company toward the right direction

Most of today’s ERP systems are modular in structure, allowing you to integrate various tools to answer any specific need your company may have.

Virtual spring cleaning tips for businesses

Up north, the freeze is beginning to thaw. Patio furniture is coming out of storage, and decks are getting brushed off.

While it never gets too cold here in Miami, spring cleaning is no less an annual ritual. And these days, that means our virtual as much as our physical spaces are due for a dusting.

Why you need zero-trust security for protecting your business data

Today’s hyper-connected world affords businesses countless opportunities to expand into new markets and improve productivity. But the rapid proliferation of data and digital transformation has also led to an exponential increase in security risks. Digital data is now the most valuable commodity in the world, and protecting it starts with addressing the weakest link: employees.

5 Common misconceptions about workflow automation

Automation is one of the most pervasive buzzwords of our time. But it’s also a vague term that has far-reaching implications. As such, some business leaders are understandably quick to dismiss it as hype rather than embrace the phenomenon as a way to reduce costs and boost productivity.