5 Ways Document Management Systems Help Healthcare Institutions

Wading through mountains of medical records, invoices, and other documentation is an everyday reality for many healthcare workers, but it doesn’t have to be this way. While it might be impossible for your organization to go completely paperless right away, there’s a great deal you can do to streamline your workflows and ensure that all the necessary compliance and security standards are met.

The Risks of Unsecured File Sharing

Believe it or not, the biggest threat facing your business isn’t hackers and malicious software – it’s human negligence from within. Data leakage and loss from unsecured file sharing and other collaboration processes is every bit as dangerous as any cyber-attack.

How Workflow Automation Benefits Your Organization

Documents are the lifeblood of any organization. But as they manually flow between different branches and departments, effectively tracking and managing them quickly becomes costly and complicated. There's also an additional risk of important information getting lost in transit or, even worse, ending up in the wrong hands.

How a Document Management System Can Help Schools

Educational institutions have traditionally been slow to adopt new technology, but times are changing as more schools and universities make the move to cloud-hosted document management systems (DMSs). By incorporating structured workflows into the school system, a DMS allows you to do more with less, even if most of what your particular institution handles are in hard-copy form.

Why It’s Time to Update Your Document Management System

Printed or digital, documents are among the most important assets of any modern business, which is why the way you store and manage them can greatly impact business efficiency.

A robust document management system will help enormously when it comes to streamlining workflows, meeting your compliance regulations, and providing a better experience for both your employees and your customers.