3 Ways paperless solutions help improve your customer service

3 Ways paperless solutions help improve your customer service

Paperless solutions save your business a lot of money, not only by reducing your dependence on paper but also by eliminating costly mistakes like misfiling and duplicate payments. But their benefits go beyond these. In fact, adopting a paperless approach is one of the most effective ways to improve your customer service.

How do paperless solutions help you serve your customers better?

Going paperless benefits all segments of your company — not just those that handle paper-centric processes — and consequently improves customer service by:

1. Giving your employees more time for customers

Your staff uses minutes of their shift just looking for the documents they need to perform their tasks. If they cannot find the required documents, then they might have to spend even more time recreating them. These end up taking hours that they could have spent on more valuable tasks, such as giving the best service to your customers.

This isn’t such a problem when you go paperless. Instead of handling paper documents, your employees work with electronic files that are systematically organized in a user-friendly database. As long as you know what you’re looking for, retrieving the files you need will take no more than a few seconds.

Document management system (DMS) PaperSave, for instance, makes finding the right documents as easy as doing a Google search. You can look for the files you need using a number of variables, including content, keywords, and user-defined metadata.

With a much simplified retrieval process, your staff will have more time to concentrate on their tasks or engage your customers. They can also provide faster service, such as when customers want to retrieve information from the documents in your database.

2. Enhancing your data’s security

One of the best ways to show you care about your customers is to protect personal information they have entrusted to you. If you’re still using paper records, however, fulfilling your duty as a keeper of valuable information may not be so simple. After all, paper records are easy to damage, misplace, or steal.

With electronic documents, on the other hand, you can implement a number of security measures. You can keep your files behind firewalls and install anti-malware software and other cybersecurity tools to protect them from corruption and theft.

Electronic files can also be kept on multiple cloud servers, as PaperSave does. Cloud servers can be accessed only by users with the right login credentials. What’s more, files stored in these servers are encrypted to ensure that unauthorized third parties cannot decipher their contents. With these measures, your customers can rest assured that their information and privacy are safe in your hands.

3. Allowing you to be environmentally responsible

Much of the paper used today is new and not recycled. This places a huge burden on our forests as thousands of trees are cut down every year to support the demand for paper.

By going paperless, you support the move towards reducing waste and preserving our forests, one sheet of paper at a time. You help build a more sustainable world, which is one of the best kinds of service you can offer your customers. And your clients know this, too. Taking ownership of your social responsibility will ultimately help you establish a loyal customer base in the long run.

Much of the discussion on paperless solutions focus on their benefits to businesses, but it’s important to note how they affect your customers as well. At PaperSave, we offer products designed to empower our clients and their staff to deliver the best service to their customers. To learn how PaperSave can help you, schedule a free personalized demonstration today.

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