Common problems remote workers face with shared documents

Shared documents are exactly as their name describes them; they are a paperless solution that allows multiple users to use or work on a single file simultaneously, usually over the internet. It doesn’t matter where the users are geographically. As long as they have the right credentials, users will be able to access the document and collaborate with their colleagues.

Using fundraising software for successful fundraisers

Fundraisers attract sponsors and encourage them to donate, making these activities essential to your nonprofit organization’s ability to fulfill its mission. Using fundraising software to automate gift processing will boost your organization’s efficiency and make your fundraising campaigns an even bigger success.

Reasons to start the new year by adopting paperless solutions

One of your New Year’s resolutions should be to go paperless. The past 12 months have been anything but smooth-sailing, especially for businesses, thanks in large part to the coronavirus pandemic. Investing in paperless solutions such as a document management system (DMS) is an excellent way to cope with 2020’s aftermath and enhance your business’s resilience to challenges that may arrive in 2021.

Why should you invest in paperless solutions in 2021?
A major bulk of the challenges your business will face in the next months will be aftereffects of the events of 2020. You need to go paperless for the following reasons:

1. To save money
If you want to conserve resources, a good way to do so without compromising quality or stability is to stop costly procedures in favor of cost-effective alternatives.

Maximizing data security with AP automation

Even in the middle of the coronavirus crisis, cybercriminals and fraudsters remained persistent, attacking organizations already reeling from the effects of the pandemic. The level of danger they pose isn’t likely to change in 2021, so it’s high time you invest in solutions that benefit or augment your business data’s security.