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PaperSave Customer Support

Access our Customer Portal:

PaperSave has made a significant investment to make assisting our customers quicker and easier. After all, it is about being responsive when you need help. So, we have pulled together resources to assist you. These resources are available to our clients who are active on a maintenance plan.

Have a question or need Support?

  1. Log in to our customer portal above to create a case or search our knowledge base.

  2. Send an email to

  3. Call 877-727-3799 and select option #3

  4. Start a Remote Assistance session.

Communicate and Share

  1. If you are a Facebook user, join our group to network with other PaperSave users.

  2. If you are a LinkedIn user, join our group to network with other PaperSave users.

  3. Have a suggestion that you would like to see in a future release? We would love to hear from you! Click Here.

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Ready to Upgrade?

  1. Attend an event to learn about the latest offerings

  2. Contact Sales at to learn more about upgrade migration costs.

Statement of Product Direction

The current release of PaperSave and the two releases that will follow will be focus on the changing environment for Cloud computing.  It will be a new era of growth, innovation, and productivity in their businesses across desktop and browser based computing making PaperSave a web based solution with no foot print on the computer.  The current release of PaperSave– is our first installment in this wave of investment by supporting native HTML browser and mobile approval of documents and is the base of new technology on which we will build over the next several years.

The late 2013/early 2014 release of PaperSave will focus on employee and team collaboration allowing integration with other Microsoft offerings including Office 365.  By removing barriers, PaperSave will offer increased productivity in order to help companies improve efficiency – a high priority goal for most companies.

Future releases  of PaperSave will strive to enhance the user experience with fewer keystrokes and well as additional integration points to Records/Transaction, Microsoft Office and SSRS reports.  We are excited for the future product direction of PaperSave!