Make the most of going paperless by viewing our fact-filled and easy-to-look-at infographics.  Our visual display of ‘why to go paperless’ information will help you get started on your paperless journey when words are not enough.

INFOGRAPHIC snippet-Paper Free Processes Generate ROI

See the hidden costs of paper-based processes costing your company time and money

Infographic snippet - Cleaning out the cabinets v2

Cleaning out the cabinets - save time and money by consolidating file storage

Infographic snippet - Waste at Work

Waste at work - paper usage in the office

Infographic snippet2- Go Beyond the Limits of Paper

Go beyond the limits of paper documents - extending the access of a paper document

Infographic snippet - go with the flow

Go with the flow - approval process explained

Papersave_9 Reasons to Move from BlackBaud Hosting to PaperSaveCloud_rev small cropped

Not all Cloud environments are created equal. Here are 9 reasons to move from Blackbaud Hosting to PaperSaveCloud.