Over the course of a single business day, there are so many things that an employee needs to do - he or she should not have to waste time searching through piles of files looking for a specific item. Thankfully, PaperSave is there to help you sort through the mess by eliminating the paper altogether and collecting everything onto a single electronic platform. It's time to move away from the filing cabinet system and use one that's simple and efficient, such as document management from PaperSave.

The benefits of a paperless office aren’t limited to fewer reams of paper, but offices can better manage their budgets by saving money on toner, ink, machine maintenance and energy costs. All necessary information is readily available on the computer. PaperSave’s document management for professional services isn’t just a good idea; it’s a savvy business decision.

Case Study:  Integrated Business Group

Integrated Business Group wanted to eliminate dozens of filing cabinets in time for a major office move, while improving accounting procedures.  They desperately needed a system to help them with their document management needs that also integrated easily with their Dynamics GP and SharePoint systems.

Case Study:  Multi Image Group

Multi Image Group wanted to make documentation, such as invoices and receipts, accessible to employees, vendors and clients internationally, while eliminating the hard copy paper trail.

Get One-Click Access to Customer, Employee, Auditor and Vendor Documents with Papersave

Have Instant Access to Important Documents

It’s quick and easy to pull up anything and everything related to a customer, an employee or even auditors and vendors.

Tout the Benefits of Green Paperless Documentation

Everyone in the enterprise can help protect the environment with paperless documentation.

Take Back the Office

No office should have to deal with rows of filing cabinets because now offices can store thousands documents in only 40 gigabytes of space with PaperSave. Not only is the information more readily at hand, but it’s taking up cyberspace rather than physical space.

Have Satisfied Clientele and Staff

Instant access makes it easy to pull up documents at a moment’s notice.

Make Quick Progress on Reviews and Approvals

PaperSave’s document management software allows certain staff members to access documents, make notes and transition from one file to the next with ease.