Nonprofit organizations are faced with the daily dilemma of changing the world while simultaneously keeping costs and overheads low. And as any member will know, nonprofit groups are plagued with paperwork to maintain their nonprofit status, and it can be difficult to keep all those necessary documents handy. That's where PaperSave comes in to help out your business. With paperless document management, organizations can enjoy the benefits of a paperless office and still have all the important papers in order so that any volunteer is able to access them.

The benefits of a paperless office aren’t limited to fewer reams of paper, but nonprofit offices can better manage their budgets by saving money on a wide array of usual expenditures such as toner and ink for printers, machine maintenance for faxes and scanners, and energy costs to keep everything running. All necessary information is readily available and conveniently located on the computer. Just as nonprofit organizations do good work for their comunities, PaperSave’s paperless document management does good for nonprofit agencies.

Featured Case Study:  United Way of Miami-Dade

United Way of  Miami-Dade wanted to go paperless to save on the cost of paper and increase efficiency.  Additionally, they required a solution that helped them communicate better with each other.

Case Study:  Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County 

Needed a solution to work effortlessly with Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge to help employees save time, while giving everyone the ability to instantly store, retrieve and distribute documents.   READ MORE

Case Study:  Advocate Charitable Foundation

Advocate Charitable Foundation processes more than 20,000 gifts every year for multiple hospitals and hundreds of programs. They needed a system that make documents immediately accessible to employees and donors, while reducing excessive paper storage.  READ MORE

Case Study:  Lutheran Association of Missionaries and Pilots

Lutheran Association of Missionaries and Pilots wanted to quickly automate data from monetary gifts received and integrate accounting with existing software for electronic bank deposits .  READ MORE

Get One-Click Access to Constituent, Vendor, Employee and Auditor Information with Papersave

Have Instant Access to Constituent Files and Financial Documents

Manage all the necessary forms, receipts and other valuable documents that need to be accessed often and quickly.

Have Satisfied Staff Members and Communities

Information is readily available so members can increase constituent, vendor, employee and auditor relationships.

Make Quick Work of Reviews and Approvals​

PaperSave’s document management software allows certain staff members to access documents, make notes and transition from one file to the next with ease.

Tout the Benefits of Green Paperless Documentation

By going paperless, nonprofit groups will reduce paper, toner, and electricity usage while becoming much more efficient with human resources.

Take Back the Office

With PaperSave, the office doesn’t need to be filled with filing cabinets because now organizations can store thousands of documents in only 40 gigabytes of space.