High-quality customer service is something that every business should strive for, but it isn't always easily achieved. Shuffling through papers to find an invoice or an order form takes time and could potentially damage the relationship with the customer. However, this time-consuming task is no longer necessary. PaperSave gives manufacturers and distributors the tools to address supplier and customer questions by providing instant access to important documents.

The benefits of a paperless office aren’t limited to fewer reams of paper, but offices can better manage their budgets by saving money on toner, ink, machine maintenance and energy costs. All necessary information is readily available on the computer. PaperSave’s document management for manufacturing and distribution use isn’t just a good idea, it’s the smart business choice.

Case Study:  WS Packaging

Accounting found themselves stuck under piles of paperwork just as their corporate office was about to move into a temporary location. “We really were running out of space, not only for people, but for files,” explains Cathy Schumer, the company’s corporate controller.

Case Study:  Splendor Shower Door

Splendor Shower Door, a Holland, Ohio-based manufacturer of shower doors and custom enclosures, was running out of space for hard copies despite using its own system of scanning, storing and organizing documents on a server.  Access to documents was also difficult for employees working in two other facilities; information had to be faxed to them consistently.

With PaperSave document management software, manufacturers and distributors will be able to:

Resolve Billing and Collection Issues More Quickly

PaperSave’s Forms Recapture makes it simple to access signed delivery tickets, sales orders, invoices and customer records on demand.

Have Instant Access to Important Customer Documents, Including Orders and Inventories

Manage production documents such as designs, artwork, drawings, and orders to ensure staff members have up-to-date information and meet the delivery timeline and budget.

Take Back the Office

The office doesn’t need to be filled to the brim with unwieldy and unsightly storage solutions because now PaperSave can store over 200,000 documents in only 40 gigabytes of space.

Make Quick Work of Reviews and Approvals

PaperSave’s document management software allows certain staff members to access documents, make notes and transition from one file to the next with ease. Losing documents in the shuffle will no longer be a problem.

Tout the Benefits of Green Paperless Documentation

When businesses use PaperSave software, everyone in the enterprise can help protect the environment with paperless documentation.

Have Happy Clients and Staff

When it’s easy to access files, staff members are less frustrated and clients receive better service.